Overview of the SAP QM module

Overview of the SAP QM module


SAP’s Quality Management (QM) module is integrated with various key processes in the SAP ecosystem, such as inventory management, facilities maintenance, production, procurement and sales. It ensures the conformity and efficiency of quality-related operations. With a focus on planning, execution and continuous improvement, this module plays a key role in implementing and optimising quality control initiatives.

Key components of the QM module include:

Quality planning :

  • Detailed quality control plans.
  • Inspection methods.
  • Sampling frequencies.

Quality Inspection :

  • Assessing the quality of raw materials.
  • Assessing products during production and finished products.
  • Guaranteeing compliance with defined quality standards.

Notification management :

  • Detection of non-conformities.
  • Notification of non-conformity.
  • Documentation of quality deviations.

Usage Decision (Report) :

  • Traceability and product quality.
  • Acceptance.
  • Rejection.
  • Blocking.
SAP QM Module Rapid Views

The quality cycle can be represented as follows:

SAP QM Module Rapid Views Cycle EN
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Quality planning QM

Quality planning with the QM module involves configuring and using the functionality available to monitor and maintain high quality standards throughout a company’s business processes. This helps to ensure customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance and continuous improvement in product or service quality. Here are some key elements of quality planning at SAP:

  • Definition of Quality Standards and Criteria.
  • Inspection and test planning.
  • Resource allocation.

Sample Report:

Planification qualité SAP QM

Quality inspection

Quality inspection is a crucial practice for ensuring that products and services meet expected quality standards.

Example Report :

Inspection qualité SAP QM

Notification management

Notification management in SAP’s QM module helps to maintain and improve product quality by ensuring rapid detection of non-conformities, effective communication between teams and the implementation of appropriate corrective actions.

  • Quality Alerts.
  • Corrective Action Tracking.
  • Notification history.

Sample Report:

Gestion des notifications SAP QM
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