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What are RapidViews?

RapidViews are HANA Virtual Datamarts that covers main modules of SAP. They are delivered with prebuild Web Intelligence, SAP Analytics Cloud, Power BI and Tableau Software analytics.

What does each RapidViews contains?

Each RapidView comes with a set of HANA views covering a specific functional area, and a set of analytics covering operational reporting. For example, RapidViews FI-CO currently contains 147 indicators, 56 SAP Tables and 30 predefined reports.

Which modules are covered ?

RapidViews currently covers FI-CO, SD, MM, QM and PP modules.

What are the main benefits of RapidViews?

RapidViews are a great BI deployment accelerators for your SAP HANA systems.
It takes a mere 10 days to have a fully functional datamart covering the main operational reporting and analysis instead of 8 months of development.

Are RapidViews KPIs on real-time?

RapidViews are indeed real-time if they are installed on the ECC on HANA or S/4HANA transactional system.

What can RapidViews connect to?

RapidViews can connect to:
• ECC on HANA or S/4HANA : we have a version adapted for each system.
• BW on HANA or BW/4HANA : either our views are based on BW objects; or they are based on virtual tables (SDA)
• A HANA DW database, after replication or virtualization of SAP source tables.

With which tools are RapidViews developed?

RapidViews are developed with HANA Studio for views ; Web Intelligence, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), Power BI and Tableau Software for analytics.

How are RapidViews developed?

RapidViews are developed:
• With the “calculations views” on ECC on HANA
• With CDS Views on S/4HANA (to use, among other things, S/4HANA security)
• A semantic layer (Universe) is added on these views

How is security handled in RapidViews?

• On ECC on HANA, security is managed through the use of analytic privileges.
• On S/4HANA, using CDS Views, security is managed through the ABAP layer which inherits the security of the SAP system

If i purchase RapidViews for my transactional ECC on HANA, will my reporting be compatible the day i migrate to S/4HANA?

In parallel, we are developing our RapidViews on ECC on HANA and on S/4HANA.
All our views and reports are compatible from ECC to S/4HANA.

Is SAP aware of RapidViews?

Of course; SAP is totally aware of our innovation and encourages us. The RapidViews are seen as a great accelerator for setting up KPIs on HANA.
We are certified “SAP Qualified Partner-Packages Solution”.

With what king of tool can you access RapidViews?

By default our Analytics are developed with Web Intelligence, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), Power BI and Tableau Software but our views are accessible by tools other than SAP, which can connect to HANA views.

How long doest it take to install them?

A maximum of 10 days of setup are enough to install and run the RapidViews. (For each module)

Is there any maintenance associated with RapidViews?

Yes: Annual Maintenance covers patches, adding new views, reports, and dashboards.

Rapid Views is an innovative software editor to accelerate Business Intelligence deployment on SAP HANA.