RapidViews Platform : The new features of version 4.1

RapidViews Platform : The new features of version 4.1

The RapidViews platform continues to evolve, with a large number of new features in version 4.1! As a reminder, the RapidViews platform is designed to help you accelerate, centralize and master your SAP Analytics projects.

Clearer, simpler positioning

Just a few months ago, we were talking about 2 distinct products: RapidViews Business Content and BI Smart Repository. Today, we’re talking about a global platform with “BI Accelerator” and “BI Governance” functionalities, powered by an Analytics Wizard, as you can see in the illustration below.

RapidViews Platform Global

The RapidViews platform is designed to help you accelerate, centralise and master your SAP Analytics projects.

Developments - BI Governance

The RapidViews platform has undergone a number of enhancements in version 4.1 with regard to BI Governance, formerly known as the BI Smart Repository.

Business Catalog

  • Tables have been added to the list of objects.

Analytics Hub

  • Improved report filtering and search performance
  • RapidViews reports added
Analytics Hub RapidViews

KPI Hub - new feature

Following the development of our Report Hub, many of you asked us for a KPI overview. This new feature enables you to visualize your KPIs / reports & SAP processes in a single view.

  • Reports can be filtered by Repositories / Versions / Modules / Bricks
  • Possibility of displaying links between all components of the screen
KPI Hub RapidViews

Latest developments - Analytics Wizard


  • Recipe tab added to all types of results (Reports / Semantics / View Combinations)
Recette Analytics Wizard
  • Added highlighting between items on Column / Lineage tabs and basket items to identify links
  • Improved calculation for different types of results

Basket management

  • Ability to Save/Open/Modify a user-created basket
  • Adding a new screen allowing users to view New / In progress / Completed baskets
  • Adding the specification tab in wizard results, a text editor to create specifications related to the current basket
Gestion des paniers RapidViews

New Connectors

  • SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) connector
  • Enhanced SAP Datasphere connector
  • Enhanced Power BI connector
  • Various bug fixes

Various evolutions

Global interface

  • Ability to add/update an external link for reports
  • Visual enhancement of Business Data tab objects
  • Improved navigation from the Business Data tab to the Business Catalog


  • Improved performance when integrating large volumes of metadata
  • Improved loading speed for Views and Business Layers
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