RapidViews Platform : The new features of version 4.3

RapidViews Platform : The new features of version 4.3

The RapidViews platform continues to develop, with a host of new features in version 4.3 ! The RapidViews platform is designed to help you accelerate, centralize and manage your SAP Analytics projects.

Developments - BI Governance

Business Catalog - Wizard

  • Reports and Semantics that do not cover 100% of the basket are now proposed
    • Each report or semantic covering at least 50% of the items in the basket will be proposed as the main object with the views to be attached
    • A report or semantic added to the basket is necessarily proposed in the results, even if it covers less than 50% of the basket
Business Catalog Wizard Release 4.3

Business Catalog - Overview

  • Addition of a search bar to filter the list of objects
  • The action buttons (Cross brick / module and RapidViews filter) on the list of objects are now encapsulated in a menu
Business Catalog Overview Release 4.3


  • List view of reports is now available
  • Analytics Hub – Excel export of filtered reports added
Hubs Release 4.3

Developments - Connectors

Custom Integrator

  • Analysis For Office (AFO) reports connector added
Logo SAP Analysis for office
Capacity Workcenter Release 4.3

RapidViews Platform - Global

Administration - Analytics (Rapid Views Admins only)

  • Overall improvement of the interface
    • Improved fluidity
    • Ability to sort data
    • Display of date/time of last connection for a Company user (excluding DEMO account)

Global - Platform

  • Removal of Smart Repository concepts from the application
    • Replaced by Data Search or Rapid Views Platform as appropriate
  • Updated the colours and some of the visuals used to bring them into line with the Rapid Views graphic charter
Plateforme globale - Release 4.3
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