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The BI Smart Repository, a solution developed by the company Rapid Views, releases today its version 3.2 which includes many new features!

Reminder : What is the BI Smart Repository?

The BI Smart Repository is a solution designed to give you a 360° view of your SAP HANA BI. The objective is to be able to catalogue your entire BI in a single tool.

This Cloud BI platform allows you to use Data Search, Data Glossary, Data Lineage and Impact Analysis on all your data and reports.

BI Smart Repository Interface EN

BI Smart Repository Interface

The new features of version 3.2

Many new features have been added in version 3.2:

  • New object & column information tab design

The feedback from our different customers has allowed us to improve and optimise the presentation of the information part of the objects.

Presentation Onglet Information
  • Functional explanations – Added formatting possibilities and documents upload
  • Switch between horizontal and vertical lineage presentations
  • Added Object information Excel export (Columns, Lineage, Impact Analysis)
  • Added possibility to set & update a Report image
  • CDS – Added new annotations tab

This highly requested functionality has been integrated and allows to have the different annotations on the CDS part.

CDS Ongles Annotations
  • Vertical lineage presentation
To improve the visibility of the Lineage, we have integrated the possibility to have a vertical overview of the Data Lineage.
BI Smart Repository Lineage Vertical
  • Improved Firefox browser support

What's new in Custom Integrator 3.2

  • Power BI Report – Improved complex cases support

  • Improved integration & administration operations summaries

When integrating, a global view of the import result is now available in a synthetic way.
Synthèse Opération
  • Added formula analysis to improve columns lineages
Customer Integrator Lineage Formule
  • Repository Administration – Enable multiple objects deletion

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