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What is the FI-CO Business Content ?

The FI-CO Business Content is a fantastic Business Intelligence jumpstart for your Finance reporting needs.

Compatible with SAP ECC and S/4HANA, it is available in Calculations Views or CDS Views.

What is the Rapidviews FI-CO made of?

7 sample reports


50 KPI

Semantic Layer

Turnover KPI RapidViews
Stock KPI RapidViews
Sales KPI RapidViews
Payment KPI RapidViews
Orders KPI RapidViews
Purchase KPI RapidViews
Delivery KPI RapidViews
Discount KPI RapidViews
Debit KPI RapidViews
Credit KPI RapidViews
Balance KPI RapidViews
Costs KPI RapidViews

12 SAP HANA virtual datamarts

SAP Tables

FI-CO RapidViews reports samples

Rapport analyse des coûts RapidViews FICO

Cost analysis

Rapport Bilan RapidViews FICO

Balance sheet

Rapport analyse reel et prévu des immobilisations RapidViews FICO

Fixed assets – Actual / planned analysis

Rapport tresorerie par societe payante RapidViews FICO

Cash by paying company

Rapport réglements en attente RapidViews FICO

Customer – Payments pending (expired terms)


Rapid Views is an innovative software editor to accelerate Business Intelligence deployment on SAP HANA.